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Cook'n Craft is your one stop shop for everything Minecraft! It contains a recipe and item crafting guide, a complete list of mobs and their information, as well as feeds from Mojang's associated website and twitter feeds so you can stay connected all in one place!


  • 2.0 - Updated the recipes for Beta 1.8.1. Fixed a few incorrect recipes due to the new changes. Added in the Enderman, Cave Spider and Silverfish. Started to add in item descriptions to give more information about each item. Right now all blocks are done, and items will come in the next update. Added more information to mob pages, such as damage done and item drops. Also added WP7 Mango support.
  • 1.9 - Updated recipes for Beta 1.7. Added in a few more missing item IDs, every item in the game is accounted for, including the Piston, Sticky Piston, and Shears. Added online functionality; you can now read the twitter feeds of Notch and Jens directly in the app, as well as check out the current minecraft updates from both Notch's Blog and the Official Minecraft News Change Log. (Coming Soon)
  • 1.8 - Changed the way search behaves (click to search instead of search as you type). Added in Trapdoor, Map, and updated item changes from 1.6, as well as added in the Locked Chest from 1.4 Beta. Minor Bug Fixes.
  • 1.7 - Added Mob sounds (Click them to activate). Added page transitions and selection animations. Changed the way search input behaved to be slightly faster. Added an easteregg.
  • 1.6 - As much requested, Added a search function which allows you to search by ID or Name. Also increased loading performance of the app (no longer non-responsive UI for a second or two after load).
  • 1.5 - Added information about Webs, Powered Rails and Detector Rails from Beta 1.5. Also added new information about pigs. Refactored the code and data around to be easily translatable and ready for searching (coming soon!).
  • 1.4 - Added information about Cookies and Wolves from Beta 1.4. Changed crafting window to look similar to in-game.
  • 1.3 - Added a Mob database with descriptions and information about both peaceful and aggressive mobs. Items that drop from mobs are now linked to their pages.
  • 1.2 - You can now click items in the grid to go directly to that item's page. Also click the creeper for a special surprise.
  • 1.1 - General Bug-fixes
  • 1.0 - First Release