My name is Jeff Geisperger, a Security Engineer currently focusing on the area of connected devices (IoT) and their services. I occasionally dabble in Virtualization and GPUs as well.

Currently my hobbies include building and programming embedded devices (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy, etc...), messing around with 3D Printing (I currently run a modified Printrbot Jr v2), Photography, travel, running and participating in Security CTFs, as well as developing applications for mobile platforms. In my spare time, I like to break things, especially software! I am also a semi-active member of the Amateur "Ham" Radio community, and can be found mostly on 2m and 15m.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University, where my Capstone project was Board Games over IP, and I did independent research on enhancing QEMU on Arm to better support x86 and have a complete working version of Windows on it.